Dan, also known as the bearded guy behind Disorder Films, is a Paranormal Investigator for Forsaken Paranormal, located in Wales, UK.

We started talking to Dan on social media and realized that we had a lot of things to learn from eachother.

Dan was the first Paranormal Investigator to join our CountrySwap project and he spent a week with us in PEN in March 2018.

Some of the places we visited with Dan where:

Hadeland Glassverk, Søsterkirkene(Sisterchurches), Trandumskogen(Trandumforest), Nes Kirkeruiner(Nes Churchruins), Vikingmuseet(Vikingmuseum), Det Kongelige slott(royal castle)...

We look forward to continue our work with Dan in the future...

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