So why is it one of our most popular ghosthunting equipment devices?

Can we actually measure "ghosts" with it?

Read more about the K2 and why it's one of our most popular meters - despite that it is not giving us thrustworthy and accurate readings.

The “K-2” meter as most paranormal investigators call it, has become an iconic staple in this community. This simple hand-held device is a standard paranormal investigation tool and usually the first tool investigators purchase.

It’s hard to find a team or television show that is not using the K2 Meter.

So let’s look a little bit more into this infamous electromagnetic field meter.

The purpose of any electromagnetic field meter is to locate sources of electromagnetic radiation (magnetic, electric and/or RF/microwave) and provide a reading of the relative strength (and direction) of the EM field. So, the thought in using this meter is to find indications of paranormal activity. 

The investigators will look for sudden erratic readings or spikes from this device. The investigators can see this by the lights on the meter.

What is an EMF/EM Field? According to Wikipedia, “An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field.

The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravitation, weak interaction and strong interaction).”

The thought is, that a man made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady flow, therefore the reading would be constant. Now, according to some, the spirit world’s energy is believed to be erratic, due to opening “portals” and such. So therefore the spirits create the spikes as indicated by the K2 EMF meter.

Investigators also use the “K-II Meter” as an actual communicating device with what the spirits. The spirits are instructed to light up the lights on the meter in response to questions asked by the investigators.

As an example, they can be asked to respond with spiking up the lights of the K2 meter for a Yes/No answer to a question.

Let’s look at the physical aspects of this tool as written by the manufacturer:

Weight: 3.8 oz = 106 g

Length: 5.5 inches =13.5 cm

Wide: 2 inches = 5 cm

Depth: 1 inch = 2.5 cm

Accuracy: +/- 5%

Detection Range: 0 to 20+ milliGauss

Detection Frequency: 30 - 20,000 Hz

Calibrated at 60 Hz

Operating Temperature: 0 to 120 degrees F ( -18 C to 49 C)

Battery Requirements: 9 volt battery

Now, let’s take a look at the colored lights and what the values they represent as it is written on the device:

There are five multi-colored LED lights that make up the display. This display divides the meter’s measurements (in milligauss) into five levels; 1 green = less than 1.5 mG,  2 green = 1.5 mG to 2.5 mG, 3 yellow = 2.5 mG to 10 mG, 4 red = 10 mG to 20 mG, 5 red = over 20 mG.

The “K2 Meter” can detect Extremely Low Frequencies (50 to 1,000 Hz) & Very Low Frequency range (1,000 to 20,000 Hz). It is advertised that it operates as low as 30 Hz. So, Investigators have taken this to mean that this device will read and gauge all frequencies from 30 - 20,000 Hz. Now, if you look carefully at the manufacturer’s description, you can clearly see that is calibrated for 60Hz. The 50Hz to 60Hz is better known as the Utility Frequency (America) or Mains Frequency (British).

It is called this because this is what all household current operates at.

Also on this frequency is household appliances and radios.

Some Paranormal Investigators think that when they use this device, they are measuring the entire electromagnetic spectrum. However they are only measuring a small portion of the spectrum. The “K2 Meter” only covers the ELF and about 1/8th of the radio waves on the spectrum. It is odd, why anyone would make a ghost hunting device and only calibrate it for household current, appliances, or radios? To answer this question let’s go to the manufacture and history of this device.

K-II Enterprises, is the manufacturer of this device (https://www.kiienterprises.com/).

When you go to the website, you will see that they only sell a few products.

You see that they advertise their products as “Pet Training and Safety, and security products”.

Their products are the Dazer II, Safe Range EMF, and the Tattle Tale. So, the “K2 Meter” is really not the name. You see here it is called the “Safe Range”.

Tim Wilson, owner (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiienterprises/) designed the device to keep people safe. He especially marketed the device for people in the construction field or electricians, as a quick way to find household current.

However, the product was not doing well.

In fact K-II enterprises was about to discontinue the product for a lack of interest and sales. This is when TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), intervened.

The TAPS team had suggested to remarket the K2 Meter for another purpose.

This was for paranormal investigations. TAPS knew that in the early days of paranormal research, it was discovered that there were detectable changes in magnetism occurring during some paranormal events.

In fact at the time some EMF detectors were a simple compass.

So in July 18, 2007 season 3 Episode 12 “The Manson Murders”, the K2 Meter made its debut. In this episode the team used the device as a form of communicating with the Spirits.  Grant Wilson also stated “The K2 meter measures magnetic fields, and it’s been specially calibrated for paranormal investigators”. So, after this the “K2 meter”, took off.

Also, this device is a “single- axis” meter. What that means is, it only reads one axis. In this case left to right, and does not read the other two axis. So technically this means that it needs to be rotated on all three axes (X, Y and Z) to obtain the most accurate reading. Also, the device reads fields directly in front of it.

So, hold the device so the LEDs are facing you and an EMF source is on the opposite side of the device.

I am not in any way putting down this device, I think it can be a useful tool.

I have several of these.

What my point is, KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT. Not every device is a 100% sure method of detecting Spirits. So know the limits of your equipment and how it operates and what it is capable of. This will help you be more credible and more successful in your search.

Writer: Antonio