Velkommen til PEN - Paranormal etterforskning med en spirituell twist

Paranormal Energy Norway is a paranormal investigation team, based in Norway.

We are people with different backgrounds and interests.

The thing we all have in common is a genuine interest in the spiritworld, the paranormal and spiritual subjects.

We all have some kind of spiritual ability that we are working on improving through our work with PEN.

We also believe that there is more to the universe than we can comprehend.




Started PEN in september 2015


She has experienced unexplanable events since she was a child. Her interest in the paranormal has only encreased.


Spiritual abilites is automatic handwriting, inspired speech, spiritual guiding, chakrascanning/balancing and energy cleansing.


Jane has a fasination for physical mediumship, crystals and herb treatments.



Member since may 2017


Vigdis has been open to the paranormal most of her life and has had a huge spiritual development the last years.


Spiritual abilities is physical mediumship, clairvoyant medium, healing, sitting/reading.


Vigdis has a special interest in physical mediumship.



Member since September 2018


Antonio has been open to the paranormal all his life.


Spiritual abilities is mediumship/reading.

Antonio has a special interest in technical equipment, demonology and parapsychology.

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